Laura's Story

The journey through the CWC (SCOTT) programme

At the CWC we train on the use of behavioural change techniques that help the young person take control and feel in charge of their lifestyle changes. With family support the young person can make a big different to their lifestyle, weight and self confidence. This is the true story of a young girl and her family who undertook the CWC (SCOTT) programme. The names of both the girl and her mum have been changed - the young girl particularly asked that she be called 'Laura' for this article.

LAURA'S parents tried for months to help her shed unwanted pounds so the 11-year-old would not be taunted about her weight at school.

They consulted the local NHS nurse, tried to work out their own diet and wracked their brains to find a solution but to no avail as Laura still came home in tears from school - until a friend suggested undertaking the CWC (SCOTT) programme.

Now the youngster is a different person, happy, confident and able to walk past her previously critical classmates with a smile on her face. And delighted mum Janice said: "Phoning the Clinic was the best investment we could have made."

Laura now proudly shows her friends her certificates as she continues to collect for her electric bank thanks to her efforts in loosing over nine pounds. During that time, in meeting her targets, she has clothed her favourite teddy called Tubby and this is her story. Laura said: "I had been trying to loose weight but it was really difficult even though I love vegetables and eat a lot of chicken.

"I didn't want to go to the programme at first but it was really good. The lady told me stories and made me laugh and gave me lots of support. She told me about different zones and that I should not eat things in the red zone like crisps and fizzy drinks too often. We have a water cooler at home and I go to it instead of opening a juice can.

"She told me I could go to parties but that I had to watch what I did the next day. I enjoy vegetables like carrots, peas, cabbage and cauliflower and I also like chicken and love baked potatoes.

"I was hungry at first when my mum cut down on the portions but I got used to it and it's great having lost over nine pounds. I like playing netball, basketball and running. I also dance and go swimming and loosing the weight is great. I also love clothes and I can now wear my favourite clothes like jeans.

"I'm going sailing and canoeing during the summer holidays and really looking forward to that and I hope to improve on my running now. I play netball at school and want to do more sport because I feel better.

"I don't get called names at school any more which is great thanks to the lady at the clinic. She is so nice and she's now my friend."

MUM Janice said: "We had tried all sorts of things, basically do-it-yourself solutions as Laura was getting called names at school. Slimming clubs don't take children and she was really down about it. There were lots of tears and it was really difficult. We tried to go through the local nurse but that didn't really work out.

"We heard of the CWC (SCOTT) programme from a friend and it took Laura a year to decide to go. She had had enough of the taunting at school and the welcome we received was good - so was the support.

"Laura enjoyed the sessions and the health professional is now her friend. She told her stories and she enjoys going. It's obvious that the health professional has her own children and knows how to talk to youngsters which is vitally important.

"Initially, Laura didn't want to show her true feelings, but that hurdle was overcome thanks to the support we received from the programme. There she learned about red foods - sugary drinks and snacks - and what is good to eat.

"We steam vegetables and Laura likes most things, apart from sprouts. She also likes chicken which is good and the biggest difficulty we really had was trimming down the portions.

"She was hungry at first after she had finished her tea but got used to it and now she's fine. There has been a big change and she is much more confident about herself.

"She can now wear clothes which were not possible before she lost the weight and the jibes at school have stopped. Forming a relationship and rapport with the health professional was key to the whole process. Laura really likes her and there is no way we could have achieved this result if we hadn't used this programme.

"Laura is more active and not sitting watching TV or playing on her computer so much. There have been many changes in her lifestyle to enable her to be successful with the weight loss and the programme was money well spent. I would recommend it to anybody who is in the same position that we were."

One year after first attending the CWC (SCOTT) programme Laura has kept weight off, has grown in height, her waist is smaller and her BMI has reduced by over 3 BMI points. She now wears very fashionable clothes and is competing in sport for her school. Her mum Janice said that the best thing is that she has her happy, confident daughter back.

Many thanks to Laura and Janice for allowing us to share their story with you.

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